December 4, 2010

Well, y'all. I've moved. It's a little sad, and I'm sort of annoyed because I found a good script (okay, I don't know if script is actually the correct word. This shit is confusing.) for importing blogger posts to tumblr, and spent a chunk of time (when I should have been studying, of course), running it, but about one-hundred of my old posts aren't on the new blog. My old posts will stay up here, but it still bothers me that not every post will be over at my new blog.

I hope y'all keep reading! Thanks loveys. xo

December 3, 2010

Acting is not something that I enjoy at all, but I had a dream that I got cast in a pretty big movie, with a sizable role--something like the awkward, off-kilter sister with a weird sense of humor (perfect!) and I was so excited about it. (Mostly in my dream, but also after.) The director was someone pretty well-known and was great to work with. He only filmed one take of each scene, and we were all back home pretty quickly. The trailer came out a few days later and people would recognize me when I was out. It was pretty cool.
I'm sort of fed up with blogger and I'm thinking about changing. Anyone have recommendations of different blog hosts and thoughts on whether it would be super difficult to transfer all of my old content over? It makes me sick to think about it, is all. But the interface on blogger is hideous and I don't love how my blog looks.

winter break to-do's

I'm thinking a little too much about what I want to do over winter break. (Freeedom starts as early as the fourteenth, if I can get my shit together. I have one loose deadline. Evil.) Here's what's on the list so far:

- Read Animal Farm, 1984, and Scar Tissue. And Wild Sheep Chase, if I can get my hands on a copy. (The one at the library at Emory is missing! So annoying.)

- Write two stories.

- Go for random long walks/romps again. It's been too long.

- Eat at Cafe Sunflower, R. Thomas (half-off coupons to both thanks to Scoutmob!), and World Peace Cafe.

- Think about Switzerland/Italy/cows for Spring Break.

- Spend a few hours leisure reading in a coffeeshop instead of studying! (Sounds like a dream.)

- Play too much Settlers of Catan.


November 30, 2010

photo by my friend carolina

So about half of my friends call me by a shortened version of my name which I loathe (the name, not my friends, that is). But I deal, right? Anyway, a friend just shared this photo that she took with me. Fucking hilarious.

November 29, 2010

via fuckyea(fake)hmovieposters

Too, too cool. Tilt your screen back. I'm all about it.

embarrassing beyond belief.

Well, this is maybe embarrassing, but Kim posted a few excerpts from her old livejournal to mark her 1,000th post on her new blog, and I went and looked back at my own and read back for a while. I was thinking about sharing it, but not sure, but then I found nineteen year-old me's top-five list of animals which was:

1. cows
2. pandas
3. highland cows
4. puffins
5. hippos, maybe.

I was so very certain on that last one.

This time around, I didn't include highland cows as a separate animal, and I think it's fair to say they are cows for the purposes of generating a top five. I do like puffins, but I think I like farm animals more. Anyway, I am going to share a link to my livejournal with y'all because I have no shame. Enjoy. I was so super earnest and over-analytical. Maybe I am still those things, but I have to think that if I am, it's to a lesser extent. I'll even link y'all to a few favorite posts. Oh my goodness.

The weird thing is that sharing this doesn't feel so super personal because I feel like I'm a rather different person now than I was then.

things that belong together

Peanut butter and jelly. Curry and rice. Books and tea. Tights and shorts. My one, my only. Forever and ever.

photo by out of print clothing

Goodness, why am I so want-y lately? But really, I very much want this. Oh, so lovely. So perfect. So cozy. I think wearing it would make me very happy. Aw.
I've been reading Arnie's blogs for years now (older ones here, here, here, and here), and he's one of my absolute favorite bloggers. Seriously great. He and his wife got married a few months ago, and he just posted her vows. Absolutely perfect:

"Arnie, I’m going to say this and you will know exactly the compliment that it is. Before I met you, I thought I was the stupidest person I knew. And then I met you. And you are the stupidest person I know. And you know what I mean… in a way that no one else does.

"I will never forget when we first started dating, and one Sunday morning you got up and you put on Toto's 'Africa.' And I said, 'Arnie, what are you doing?' And you said, 'I’m just making sure this song is still awesome.'

"And then… every Sunday for two months you played Toto's 'Africa' to see if it was still awesome. And we did it together.

"And every time… [getting a bit choked up] ...every moment that we have… and every hard day after work, or any great moment when you make me laugh and I don’t expect it, you remind me, that you’re awesome, and I’m reminded that you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

"And… that’s it!”
I hope to never date/be/love anyone who uses the phrase "shoot me/you an e-mail." Ew. Dry heaving just thinking about it.

November 28, 2010

australia: beaches

Australia is very much known for its beaches, but as I stayed in the south in their winter, it was far too cold for sunbathing/swimming/etc, but I still made the trip to a couple of beaches.


Sydney's famed Bondi Beach.


Having grown up so close, it's always nice to see the ocean when I travel.

St. Kilda Beach, Melbourne

St. Kilda beach, in the south of Melbourne, had a cute little lighthouse. It also had the added benefit of being near a field where I got to watch an intense game of Aussie Rules Football played by gorgeous Australian men. Drool.

Luna Park, St. Kilda

Luna Park, a cute amusement park, is located right near St. Kila beach. They had a ride like this (the Phoenix) at Busch Gardens in Tampa. It terrifies me.
Sometimes people ask really obvious questions.

Also, I am trying to spit some game to my darling Mr. Lincecum so if anyone know his deets, holla. Just saying. I'm in lurve.

I have loved English Bull Terriers for a very long time. This one is no exception. Also, I made friends with two dogs outside of a coffeeshop today. I will consider this day a Good Dog Day. If only I was grown-up enough to have one of my own.

A cute boy played this for me in my apartment last week(!!), but I guess the Beatles performed it pretty well, too.